"Every PRO was once a beginner.."

This is the day when you will finally be pushed to leave the comfort zone of “AUTO” and will confidently switch to the colourful world of “MANUAL”. From that point on I can guarantee that there’s no way back!

Everything will be explained to you in a easy to follow way - Together we’ll go through a step by step journey of discovering all your DSLR settings, as well as how all those different settings will help you turn your photography from ordinary to extraordinary.

Make no mistake, this workshop will be full of all the necessary technical information and therefore will require your full attention, however, it will also be different to most other seminars that switch to the usual presentation mode all the way through that has you yawning in the first 15 minutes. On the contrary, this will be a day full of “A-Ha!” moments and hands on practical application, with additional bonus of making new friends along the way.

Together we’ll explore:

    ▪    How your DSLR works 

    ▪    The mighty “Triangle of Exposure” (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO)

    ▪    The 3 usual suspects: Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual mode

    ▪    The rivalry between RAW & JPEG

    ▪    White Balance and Colour Temperature

    ▪    The different Metering Modes and why you should care!

    ▪    The real importance of Megapixels and Image Resolution

    ▪    Autofocus VS Manual Focus

    ▪    The Rules of Composition and the joy of Anarchy when breaking them

    ▪    Types of Lenses & “famous” Focal Lengths


This session is guaranteed to change the way you see photography forever!

Location: Central London