You’ve mastered your camera. You’ve built a portfolio. Photography is the profession you’re craving to pursue because that's what makes you truly happy. You’re over the moon and you willing to do whatever it takes.

But let’s come back down to Earth for just a second. Unfortunately the statistics are rather alarming as a staggering 50% of new small businesses fail within the 1st year and I’ve seen Photographers go through this painful process more than once or twice.

But that doesn’t have to be you. The main reasons that most photography business fail are: 

  1. They neglect the business side of things.

  2. They keep quiet about what they do.

  3. They don’t know who their Target Audience is.

  4. They invest time and money in the wrong things.

Branding, Marketing and quite importantly Sales skills. This is the Alpha and the Omega of any successful Photography Business. Not your gear, not your selection of lenses, not your awesome lighting kit or your careful editing. All these things are very important, but you need to be able to shape your services attractively, then expose them to the right audience and finally "sell them" face to face.

It all comes down to generating leads (people who really are in the market to book a photographer) and Closing Business, (your ability to make prospective clients “sign the contract”), whether it’s Wedding Photography, Engagements, Families,  Portraits, Commercial gigs or any other genre. If your  professional services and the way you work truly match their needs, then there is absolutely no reason to not move forward.

Take advantage of this "Business of Photography" Masterclass and dive deep into the world of Branding, Marketing and Sales to make your business stand up from the crowd and grow faster than you ever thought!

Set-up:  1 to 1

Location: Central London location or via Skype.