"The best camera is the one you have with you!"

Join us in this Mobile Photography Extravaganza and turn your iPhone or iPad (or any other equivalent smartphone/tablet), into a cutting edge digital photography studio! 

Capture stunning images that you never thought you’d be able to create by only using your smartphone. We’ll cover Composition, Lighting & thought process and then put everything into practice through various different assignments ranging from Indoor Portraits, to Street Photography. I’ll also share with you the best Photography and Post-Processing Apps and how to use them to make your photos shine!

What makes this workshop stand out from the crowd is the fact that we don’t just spend our time focusing on theory - we take our phones on the streets of London and go through different projects/adventures to really put things to the test! What’s more, after we’ve completed our photo-walk we get back indoors and we comfortably dive into the Post-Processing of our shots over a cup of coffee or a drink!  

Everyone has a little artist inside of them and this workshop is a great opportunity to let him or her out!

Location: Central London