"Start lighting in all kinds of ways!"

This Flash Photography workshop will help you take your Photography to the next level by using off-camera lighting gear that can easily be transferred to any location. We will go through various lighting techniques and set-ups and we’ll put everything into practice with the help of a beautiful model! This is a great chance to join us for a supercharged day full of down to earth theory and practice that will give you all the right tools to start lighting your subjects in all kinds of ways!

The workshop covers:

Understanding light and the mighty Inverse Square law!

The use of Speedlights in Manual Mode (Forget TTL!)

Different light modifiers and how they can be used creatively.

Various light set-ups to generate different moods and feelings.

Backdrop options and tricks to create many out of one.

Wireless triggering systems to get cables out of the way.

And much more!


The day will be split into 2 Parts, Theory and Practice. We will explore various concepts and techniques and we will then move onto the hands-on part putting everything into practice!

This session is guaranteed to change the way you see photography forever!

Location: Central London